Ingrid Hoffmann's Carnitas Baked Chimichangas

Ingrid Hoffmann's Carnitas Baked Chimichangas
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Source: Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy. Recipe Credit: . Photo Credit: Mittera.

Chimichangas are, in essence, a deep-fried burrito that has been stuffed with different kinds of fillings. These diabetes-friendly chimichangas are stuffed with a healthier version of carnitas and baked instead of fried. Here, a lean pork loin has been roasted and mixed with refried beans and cheese, then stuffed inside a tortilla and baked. These "chimi" are like little gifts of flavor wrapped and ready to make you happy.

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  • Prep time
    5 min
  • Cook time
    35 min
  • Servings
    8 Servings
  • Serving size
    1 chimichanga
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

8 Servings

  • Serving Size
    1 chimichanga
  • Amount per serving Calories 200

  • Total Fat 7g
    • Saturated Fat 2.6g
    • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 35mg
  • Sodium 430mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 19g
    • Dietary Fiber 4g
    • Total Sugars 1g
  • Protein 17g
  • Potassium 350mg
  • Phosphorus 265mg

Choices/Exchanges: 1 Starch, 2 Lean protein, 1/2 Fat



  • Nonstick olive oil spray
  • ground cumin
    1/2 tsp
  • Kosher Salt
    1/2 tsp
  • chili powder
    1 tsp
  • black pepper
    1/2 tsp
  • olive oil
    1 tsp
  • pork tenderloin
    1 lbs
  • refried beans
    1 cup
  • reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese
    1/2 cup
  • whole wheat flour tortillas (6-inch)


  1. Line a broiler pan with foil. Lightly spray with nonstick spray and preheat the broiler.

  2. In a small bowl, mix the cumin, chili powder, salt, ground pepper, and oil. Rub the spice mixture all over the pork. Place the pork in the pan and broil, 6 inches from the source of heat, turning occasionally, until an instant-read thermometer reads 145 degrees F when inserted into the thickest part of the pork, about 15 minutes. Transfer the pan to a wire rack and let the pork rest for 10 minutes.

  3. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

  4. Chop the tenderloin and pour the juices from the baking sheet over it. In a medium bowl, mix the pork, refried beans, and cheddar cheese.

  5. Wrap the tortillas in a damp paper bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Fill each tortilla with scant 1/2 cup of the pork mixture. Fold like a burrito.

  6. Preheat a baking sheet for 5 minutes in the oven. Remove with oven mittens and place the chimichangas, seam-side down, on the baking sheet. Spray with nonstick spray. Bake for 15 minutes, until golden brown.