Oatmeal Pecan Pancakes

Oatmeal Pecan Pancakes
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Source: Diabetes Superfoods Cookbook and Meal Planner . Recipe Credit: . Photo Credit: Mittera.

Finely chopped oats can make an easy, whole-grain alternative to wheat flour in many recipes such as these pancakes. Check out our recipe for Blueberry Sauce for a low-sugar topping!


  • Prep time
    10 min
  • Cook time
    15 min
  • Servings
    6 Servings
  • Serving size
    1 pancake
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

6 Servings

  • Serving Size
    1 pancake
  • Amount per serving Calories 130

  • Total Fat 7g
    • Saturated Fat 1g
    • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 60mg
  • Sodium 120mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 13g
    • Dietary Fiber 2g
    • Total Sugars 3g
  • Protein 5g
  • Potassium 150mg
  • Phosphorus 225mg

Choices/Exchanges: 1 Starch, 1 Fat



  • quick cooking oats
    1 cup
  • baking powder
    1 1/2 tsp
  • eggs
  • skim milk
    1/3 cup
  • mashed banana (about 1/2 medium banana)
    1/3 cup
  • vanilla extract
    1/2 tsp
  • chopped pecans
    2 tbsp
  • canola oil
    1 tbsp


  1. Using a food processor, process the oats to a flour-like consistency. Mix oats and baking powder in a small bowl and set aside.

  2. In a separate bowl, mix eggs, milk, mashed banana, and vanilla. Add to dry ingredients, and mix until just combined. Then fold in pecans.

  3. Heat oil in nonstick skillet over medium heat. Drop 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot skillet to make each pancake. Cook until lightly brown on both sides.

  • Recommended

    I loved this recipe because it catered to all my health needs. Since I am watching my sugar, cholesterol and carb intake, I modified the recipe. Instead of using the whole egg, I used the just the egg whites. Since I happened to be lactose intolerant, I used Almond Milk instead of Skim Milk. I also used Earth Balance Soy Free buttery spread instead of Canola Oil. The pancakes were really filling and I just eat them as a snack. I will definitely make these again.

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    Just tried these pancakes and they are perfect for my husband and I. Just for the fun of it, I topped with a little spread of cranberry goat cheese. This is a keeper for my household and we are not diabetics....

  • Recommended

    who eats one pancake.? be reasonable with serving size. Why not use oatmeal flour?

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    mhmmmn scrummy

  • Recommended

    Made these this morning. They were fine. I had no problems..no sticking, looked like pancakes but of course, tasted a bit more bland than the pancakes we are used to. Welcome to the world of diabetes. I added cinnamon to to the mix and I topped with Vanilla yogurt and Blueberries. The yogurt gave the moisture that was lacking due to no syrup and it masked the blandness of the pancakes. Next time, I will add pumpkin spice .

  • Recommended

    Incredible outcome!!! I just made this and paired it with cauliflower hash, and blueberry sauce and it worked PERFECTLY for my meal plan, AND was absolutely delicious!!! If I didn’t know better, I would think this was all junk food, because it was just that good! Definitely recommend! Super easy! I recommend blending the batter though for just a few seconds for a smoother consistency and fluffier pancakes.