Video: Intro to Diabetes Food Hub by American Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Food Hub Team

Diabetes-Friendly Food and Cooking Has a New Home. Let's Get Cooking!

Video: Intro to Diabetes Food Hub  

Welcome to Diabetes Food Hub™, the new digital cooking and recipe destination made for people living with diabetes and their families. If you’re a regular visitor to My Food Advisor and Recipes for Healthy Living, we hope you enjoy the upgrade to a new and easier to use recipe website. If you’re an early user of the Diabetes Food Hub, thank you taking our new site for a spin. And if this is your first experience with the American Diabetes Association’s food and cooking platform, welcome to the table!
We’ve spent the past 18 months working hard to bring this new website to life. More than a collection of delicious recipes approved by ADA’s nutrition experts, Diabetes Food Hub provides solutions to daily meal planning challenges. Our innovative Meal Planner, editable Grocery List, and tips from food experts are all designed to save you time and make it easier than ever to plan and prepare great meals. As we painstakingly built every feature and developed each recipe, we asked ourselves one question: How does this improve the lives of people living with diabetes or prediabetes, as well as the lives of their families, caregivers, healthcare professionals, or anyone looking to simply eat well and enjoy amazing meals?
And we’re just getting started. Over the next few months and years we’ll be rolling out new features, new recipes, new content, and new ways to plan, cook, and enjoy great recipes. So stay tuned. We’ve got so much more in store.

Stress Less. Cook More.

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